It seems like video game-themed documentaries are popping up everywhere recently, like Pixel Kombat, Indie Game: The Movie, and Pixels: A Pixel Art Documentary, just to name a few. And here are two more to keep an eye out for!

The first independent film I've included a trailer for above is Infinite Lives: The Road to E3, which seems appropriate to feature considering we're just a few weeks away from this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The movie follows "four friends from the American Midwest in their 2300-mile, week-long road trip to the mecca of all things gaming" .

Infinite Lives (no relation to GameSetWatch guest editor Jenn Frank's site) has actually been available to buy for some time now, but this new trailer released just last week. You can buy the movie's two-disc DVD and watch its eight first minutes here.

The second documentary I'm featuring here is Video Craze, a short film about the "yesterday, today, and tomorrow of the arcade scene". Director David Danzara admits this is still a work in progress, and it looks a bit incomplete and unpolished, but I'm embedding it here anyway because the opening credits' use of Flock of Seagulls' "Space Age Love Song" is excellent.

[Via @SusanArendt]