Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge, which worked on last year's very odd but very intriguing survival horror PC game The Void, has announced Cargo!, a new third-person title that looks to be completely different in tone from the studio's last title but still just as bizarre.

If you don't remember The Void, here's how we described it last October: "You play a mute, incorporeal soul trapped between life and death in a land which looks like a nuclear bomb test site redesigned by a feng shui master, and your only means of interacting with the world is the removal and application of colour from a first person perspective."

Ice-Pick Lodge and publisher Lace Mamba Global characterize Cargo! as an absurd comedy with "musical numbers and dancing in the atmosphere of a mad carnival", promising a distinctive visual style and a plot with a false bottom. I'll let Ice-Pick Lodge set up the strange premise:

"Our world is beginning to drift apart in all directions, like balloons. People, buildings, mountains, trees and entire islands rise into the sky. Items with weight become the most valuable on the planet. But there is hope! "FUN", the magical extract of concentrated happiness, returns weight to items.

The source of FUN is suddenly discovered on a mysterious archipelago. Two reckless smugglers head there with a cargo of priceless machine parts that by miracle retained their weight, to trade them for FUN.

The Archipelago was created as a base for a new world after the Gods decided that the human race should be replaced after the human egoism led the planet to collapse. The Gods main task now is to inject more happiness into the world!

Since then however, the gods' skills have become out dated, their calculations were misguided and their goals have became unclear. They wanted the world to be held together with happiness — but forgot about FUN!

The gods were confused and frustrated, but haven't lost hope. Now they want to fix their mistakes and start again and turn Archipelago into the world they had dreamed of, with the help of a hero."

To help the hero, or heroine according to the provided artwork, you need to complete engineering tasks given to you by other characters, and invent and build contraptions from parts you find at junk yards. As you progress through the story, you'll learn more about the Gods, how everything lost its weight, and why all the fun comes from these mystery islands.

Expect Cargo! to ship in the fourth quarter of 2010; hopefully, we'll receive a lot more media than these bits of artwork soon!

[Via Twitchy]