We received a peek at Aleph (or Transcend as it was known back then) back when Synaesthete developer Fishbeat debuted the game at Sense Of Wonder Night 2009, but this direct screen footage offers a higher quality preview of the gameplay and soundtrack.

Developed for Xbox Live Arcade, Aleph is a "music-driven arcade shooter with a psychedelic aesthetic" and the spiritual successor to IGF 2008's Best Student Game award-winner Synaesthete. In the rhythm shooter, you explore dreams, nightmares, illusions, and more in "a drama of light and sound".

You can learn more about Aleph and see screenshots of the game at its official site and on Fishbeat's blog.

[UPDATE: Even though hardly anyone has spotted this neat-looking title, a post comment from earlier this year from Fishbeat's Zach Aikman notes: "We’re not working on Aleph at the moment :) If it were a Facebook relationship status, I’d say “it’s complicated,” and perhaps the topic of a future blog post?" Sad.]