Atari consoles, despite their age, have enjoyed some interesting new releases lately. Last week, we featured His Dark Majesty, an impressive homebrew Fire Emblem-style SRPG for Atari 8-bit systems, and now we have SuperFly DX for the Atari Jaguar.

Released by coder Cyrano Jones, the game is an update of SuperFly for Atari ST with new graphics and audio designed to take advantage of the Jaguar's beefier hardware. While it's a one-button game with a simple premise -- guide SuperFly through different caves and make sure he doesn't crash into anything -- there's a lot to it!

SuperFly DX offers 16 levels over four themed worlds, eight different vehicles and gadgets, four game modes (Hunter, Free Flight, Two-player Versus, and Story Mode), 50/60 FPS gameplay (PAL/NTSC), a "pseudo-random terrain generator", the ability to enter webcodes on a site to post your score, over 30 minutes of audio, and more.

You can download the game for free from SuperFly DX's site. If you'd rather have a physical disc version of the game, there's also a collector's edition planned, so look out for that.

[Via Pouet]