Sonic 4 isn't the only game starring the blue hedgehog that Sega has planned for the near future; this trailer for a new Nintendo DS and Wii project titled Sonic Colours popped up in Europe, offering very few details on the title other than a planned release date of late 2010 and that the company's internal Sonic Team is working on it.

I was a bit disheartened when I saw all the strange alien creatures flying alongside Sonic and Tails, thinking to myself, "Great. More of Sonic's, uh, stupid friends," but someone pointed out to me that this could be a puzzle game, and those weird looking creatures could be the blocks that make up the puzzle. With a title like Sonic Colours, it makes sense!

Siliconera points out that Sega has already registered Sonic Colors with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, so expect to hear an announcement for North America soon, too.

[Update: Annnddd Sega of America/Europe just sent out an official press release for the game, and it isn't a puzzler at all! Apparently, you're trying to save an imprisoned alien race called wisps from Dr. Eggman, and different colored wisps will give you "Color Powers", like the ability to create new roads by drilling into the ground, or dash through stages at "supersonic speed".]

[Via @Rlan2]