Protect Me Knight (Mamotte Knight), the new retro-style tower-defense/action-RPG from Yuzo Koshiro's studio Ancient Corp., released last week and is now available to download and play for only 240 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade Indie Games -- you can grab a free trial here, too.

Ancient has been playing up the game's 8-bit presentation by plastering its official site with advertisements that look ripped from '80s/early '90s magazines. It's even posted high-resolution images of NES and Famicom-style Protect Me Knight packaging, so you can print and assemble them for display.

Staying true to 8-bit tradition, the Famicom-inspired cover features bright anime artwork, while the U.S. version has a hunky, giant axe-wielding warrior battling dragons and goblins. Instead of offering anything useful, the back of the localized box simply has romanized lyrics of the credits song!

[Via DAIS]