Petri Putrho, developer of IGF 2008 grand prize winner Crayon Physics Deluxe, has posted Men On The Flying Trapeze, another project created for Gamma IV's one-button game competition but not chosen for the showacase (many of the non-finalists seem just as fun as as the winners!).

Men On The Flying Trapeze is a cooperative, two-player version of Putrho's previous trapeze act game The Amazing Flying Brothers, released in 2007. In this update, players push down on the shift keys to accelerate or slow down depending on whether they're descending or rising, then tap the button to release their grip and swing to other trapeze bars for points.

You can download Men On The Flying Trapeze, which was created with the help of Dennis Belfrage, for free from Purho's experimental games site Kloonigames. And if you don't have a friend around to join you, you can still grab The Amazing Flying Brothers for a single-player experience, too.