On the heels of the pay-what-you-want Humble Indie Bundle, indie developer Jason Rohrer has launched a similar "Name Your Price" promotion for his two-player storytelling game Sleep Is Death. He's charging a minimum of $1.75 to cover payment processing fees and bandwidth costs, but because it's a two-player game, he's selling it with two copies.

After your payment is received, you'll receive an email with an access link for two people to download one of several DRM-free versions (Windows, Mac, Full Source Code Bundle, and several resource packs). You will also be able to download all future updates for Sleep Is Death.

The game has already sold some 4,000 copies as of April 30th -- 2,600 of which were $9 preorders and the remaining priced at $14 apiece, making the developer $43,000 so far. While that's only a fraction of what most major titles sell/make, Rohrer said he's pleased with those numbers, as he keeps all the profit instead of receiving just a cut.

"It's not like I'm giving thirty percent to Microsoft or Sony," said Rohrer in an interview with Charge Shot. "I'm happy. Me and my family can live for another two or three years on the money that came in from Sleep is Death."