Though I'm sure the hundreds of artists creating chip music will disagree, renown Final Fantasy music composer Nobuo Uematsu recently described the resurgence of chiptune as a fad, like fingerless gloves, mood rings, or Soulja Boy's "Crank That" Dance.

"I acknowledge the returning popularity [of chiptune]," said Uematsu at a Q&A session during Anime Boston last month. "Perhaps it is because its 'rough' sound texture is really fresh for the current generation. The trend comes and goes so I think this chiptune movement will go away at certain point just like any other trends."

Before those hundreds of chiptune artists reach for their tar and feathers (materials they'll later use to mod/personalize their Game Boys), blogger Zen Albatross, who posted the quote, points out that the composer could be referring more to the trend of developers using retro-style video game music in modern releases. Still, I hope both of those trends are here to stay. Like pogs.