British tabloid The Daily Sport, which specializes in delivering celebrity rumors and fake nude photos of celebrities, reports that a lingerie company is creating a line of undergarments based on the fashions seen in Grasshopper Manufacture's Wii title No More Heroes 2 (releasing in Europe next week).

Adding to the absurdity of the story, the daily paper printed "KNICKTENDO!" as its headline in giant, all-caps letters, and accompanied the article with photos of scantily clad models and their No More Heroes 2 counterparts. The caption next to those images reads: "Nice Pixels: Real Life Babes Dresses As Wii Wenches."

This photo of the article page, taken by One Life Left's Simon Byron, isn't clear enough to reveal the maker behind the undies or the company's website, but it looks like you can win the lingerie and copies of the game through a contest The Daily Sport is running -- see more details on this full (NSFW) page.