Sega posted a new trailer for its upcoming portable Yakuza release to accompany its recent reveal of the PSP game's full Japanese title -- Black Leopard: A New Yakuza Chapter (formerly Project K). In this six-minute clip, we're introduced to Ryuya Ukyo, a new and younger hero for the series replacing Kazuma Kiryu.

As you'll see in the video (partially subtitled by Aerow), the game also uses a new visual style combining still shots and animation to tell its story, courtesy of Tokyo firm Spooky Graphics. The scenes are all voiced; Sega apparently packed more than 300 minutes of voiced movies in the PSP game.

Black Leopard: A New Yakuza Chapter is scheduled to release to retail stores and online in Japan on September 22nd. Sega hasn't yet announced any plans to bring the game to North America, but the company has been good with bringing all of the other Yakuza titles, minus the Kenzan spin off, to the States (albeit with some disappointing cuts during the localization process).

[Via CVG, Siliconera]