Obscure Taiwanese developer Hypaa is showing off three rhythm games at the in-progress GTI Asia Taipei 2010 trade show, and while they all look like clones of Konami/Pentavision games, they look fun enough to warrant bringing up.

Mozarc is a touchscreen-based Beatmania knock-off in which notes from a selected track drop from the top of the 9:16 screen; you'll need to tap the bottom sections of the screen where the notes fall. A video was posted online for the game, but that's since been removed. You can check out photos of Mozarc after the break and at BemaniStyle, though!

Theia, is another rhythm game with a multi-touch screen, except this one is modeled after DJ MAX Technika. Here, you tap and drag notes in time with a horizontal bar that moves up and down the 4:3 screen. There's a video for it above!

[Via Arcade Heroes]