Shadegrown Games founder and Game Developer columnist Matthew "Wasteland" Burns posted this new trailer and first video look for musical shooter Planck v.1, which looks like it's evolved much since Planck v.0's top-down prototype build submitted for last March's Independent Games Festival.

According to Shadegrown, Planck v.1 offers a new perspective and visual design, and has "shaken off much of what made Planck Version Zero what it was, retaining only the essential concept and the pillars of its experience."

In the game, you create your own original song, and play the way you want to hear that song. Planck v.1's music is determined by the enemies you shoot, the weapons you use, and other elements you control, potentially offering a different soundtrack each time you play.

Planck v.1 doesn't have an announced release date or platform yet, but you can see more screenshots for the game and follow its development on Shadegrown's site.

[Via Nobuooo]