This year's Brickworld, a convention where adult Lego fans can discuss and share their brick creations, will feature several science fiction collaboration displays, at least two of which pertain to video game series you'll likely recognize: Gradius and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Vic Viper Fly-In display pays tribute to the Gradius craft, which Lego fans seem to love; you can find hundreds of brick interpretations for the starfighter in this Flickr pool. This exhibit will also honor noted builder and recently passed Nate "nnenn" Nielson by arranging the crafts in a "missing man formation".

Brickworld's Modern Warfare display will host a collection of "infantry, vehicles, and combat-torn buildings set in a sub-apocalyptic world based on the Modern Warfare video game." There's also active Flickr group for this theme, which you can join to receive a Brickarms Contributor's pack so you can take part in the community project.

The group's admin KCK.Keliikuli explains, "The goal of this entire display is to replicate the chaos that conspires in the level of COD MW2: Second Sun. The city is in a blackout, after a burst of EMP. Total pandemonium, troops spread around throughout the war zone of a city. Downed helicopters, cars, and other miscellaneous vehicles litter the streets."

Brickworld 2010 takes place on June 17 - 20 at the Westin North Shore Hotel in Wheeling, IL. You can register for and find more information on the event at the Brickworld site.

[Via Kotaku]