It's really going to be difficult to get used to seeing regular updates for Limbo, a project that was quiet for almost three and a half years before it came out of nowhere to take home the 2010 Independent Games Festival's Technical Excellence and Excellence in Visual Art awards two months ago.

With independent Danish studio Playdead planning to release the dark puzzle platformer on Xbox Live Arcade this summer, though, expect to see more media releases like this first official trailer. If you thought the game looked too much like Feist and other silhouette-style titles, just watch this foreboding video and you'll see Limbo has a unique, creepy atmosphere to it.

GameTrailers is currently running a poll in which gamers can pick which title they'd like to see featured in an upcoming episode of GTTV: Limbo, Twisted Pixel's Comic Jumper, or Team Meat's Super Meat Boy. You can vote for which game you'd like to see more of here.

[Via IndieGames]