If it pains you to look at anything else on your iPhone other the beautiful artwork from Erik Svedäng and Niklas Åkerblad's universe-exploring game Kometen, you can decorate your mobile device with these two new backgrounds showing off its logo and one-eyed comet hero.

Svedäng, who took home the 2009 Independent Games Festival grand prize award for Blueberry Garden, has also teased an upcoming update for the game. While he hasn't revealed any details for that release, he announced a contest inviting artists to contribute to Kometen.

All you need to do is sketch an object that you think would be interesting for a wandering comet to find while shooting through space. Svedäng and Åkerblad will review all the submitted images and pick five objects to turn into watercolor space debris and add to the next version of Kometen.

The competition ends at midnight tonight, though, so get drawing!