Remember the too-good-to-be-true iPad Arcade Cabinet, the ThinkGeek April Fools' Day prank that everyone desperately wanted to see made real? The concept seemed so simple -- slip the Apple tablet into a miniature cabinet housing, then play games using the machine's joystick and buttons instead of the device's touchscreen.

Something just like that idea popped up at Make: Tokyo Meeting 05, a DIY tech fair held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology last weekend. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to ferret out much information about the cardboard cabinet or the project other than this video shot by Brian Lockwood.

Lockwood explains, "[I] found this booth just before leaving Tokyo Make Meeting 05. Not sure how this was accomplished but the developer seems to have made a joy stick and button firing mechanism for a iPad turning it into a mini video game arcade."

Perhaps it's hooked into one of the nearby laptops somehow? Or maybe the creator has opened up and modified the hardware to make this happen? Again, I have no idea how this works, but it would be great if it's something we could all make at home with just some arcade parts, a bit of cardboard, and some light hacking.