I know this is our third Independint Charles Show post in just a little more than a month, and it's a super-divisive show which many puke at the mention of (at least judging by its Youtube comments), but I have my reasons for sharing another episode of this Inside Xbox program here:

  1. I've had some people asking me where they can watch episodes of the show since they're unsure how to find it on Xbox Live. Well, you can watch it here!
  2. One of the games Independint Charles reviews is RainbowDespair's Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, a wonderful throwback JRPG that I keep forgetting to mention here.

The other titles from Xbox Live Indie Games that Charles examines are DualOpAmp29's Bible Trivia and Milkstone Studios's MotorHeat. If your mother forbids you from playing indie games or watching The Independint Charles Show, don't forget: "You don't have to do what your mum says anymore because... It's the Independint Charles show. Until she comes back home."