Video game accessory and licensed retro console seller Hyperkin announced RetroN 3, its new 3-in-1, wireless system that plays NES, SNES, and Genesis carts. The $$69.99 system offers S-Video and Composite AV inputs, three cartridge ports, two wireless controllers, as well as two controller ports for each platform if you want to plug in an old/favorite pad.

This isn't the first system to combine these three 8/16-bit consoles into one -- Hyperkin even sells a FC 3 Plus Video Game System, which is pretty much the same thing -- but the RetroN 3 features a design that the seller says is "completely unique and unlike any other on the market". I have to agree; as far as retro consoles go, I don't think I've ever seen anything this... different.

The RetroN 3 comes in Charcoal Gray and Vector Red. Though Hyperkin says it plans to formally launch the console at this year's E3 (June 15-17), if you're a registered reseller, you can already buy a system from the company's online shop. Check past the break for a photo of the less, um, red edition.