Hudson Entertainment and Sapporo Medical University are showing off a version of the Japanese game developer's Fishing Master adapted specifically for patients with cerebrovascular disorders and/or those seeking rehabilitation after a hemiplegic stroke.

The developer has rigged the game to work with Kinestage, a device that features a special joystick controller (you can use the controller with even your feet) and hooks into a laptop playing/displaying the game. SMU's associate professor of Physical Therapy Kaneko Wencheng helped create the equipment based on research findings and studies on rehabilitation haptic devices.

The university and Hudson believe that with guidance from physical therapists, the device can be incorporated into typically monotonous rehabilitation programs to offer a more fun experience. If you'd like to try out the game yourself, you can play the Wii version of Fishing Master, which released in the States in 2007 and uses the Wii Remote/Nunchuk for catching different types of fish.