Originally distributed at PAX East, this postcard was put together by Andrew "Zarf" Plotkin and by Lea Albaugh to provide an introduction to Interactive Ficton and how to play it, geared toward gamers who have little to no experience with classic or modern text adventures.

The handy "IF-for-beginners card" offers common commands, how those commands work, and other tips for acclimating yourself to the genre and its games. You can download and print it at People's Republic of Interactive Fiction, where the postcard is available in a variety of formats.

It's all licensed under a "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License", so you're free to distribute it, package it with a game, translate it, reformat it, or whatever else you can think to do with it for free (provided you attribute Plotkin/Albaugh)!

[Via Taking Inventory]