His Dark Majesty is a fantastic looking strategy RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem and The Battle for Wesnoth but developed for Atari 8-bit computers. You can run it on real hardware (PAL) if you have the necessary homebrew equipment or in an emulator (Atari800Win suggested). While this being a new and complete release for old Atari systems is impressive enough to warrant mentioning here, it's is an amazing game regardless.

The music, as you'll immediately hear in the video posted above, is top notch. How could you not want to play His Dark Majesty after seeing that introduction? The polished turn-based strategy game features 23 chapters, 26 units (e.g. fling units, mages, beasts) with different features and abilities, an in-game hint system, and "10 characters that help you or challenge you during the game."

A Polish team created His Dark Majesty, but it's available for free in English. The group says that because the game is written in C and the presentation layer is platform dependent, it can be easily ported to other platforms, such as mobile phones. Why wait for a port, though, when you can play this awesome game right now?

[Via TIGForums]