I'm not sure why the company pursued the license, but Hudson has released an iPhone/iPod Touch game for Knight Rider, in which you take on the role of Michael Knight and drive around in his talking car Kitt. Hudson is advertising the game on its English site with these words, "Complete world of classic TV serious, KNIGHT RIDER!!"

Unfortunately, this isn't the port of PC-Engine's Japan-only, Chase H.Q.-esque Knight Rider Special I was hoping for. In Hudson's release, you control the sentient Pontiac Trans Am from a top-down perspective, touching the screen to direct its movements.

This game includes 15 missions, familiar KITT abilities like Oil Slick and Turbo Boost, video clips from the 80s show (and not the recent flop of a remake), and the iconic Knight Rider theme song. You can download Knight Rider from the App Store for $4.99 right now.