Developer Bad Monkee, the studio behind the iPhone port of Giana Sisters DS (Still unavailable outside of Europe/Australia! ARGH!), has teamed up with an unlikely partner for its Fornika iPhone pinball game: popular German hip-hop group Fanta 4, a.k.a. Die Fantastischen Vier, or The Fantastic Four.

Fornika (title taken from the group's 2007 album) follows in the footsteps of other pinball games based on bands like Kiss and Guns N' Roses, but this one has the benefit of fitting in your pocket. The game features four "missions", tilt-function, online leaderboards, and music from the band; naturally, the game includes links to purchase Fanta 4's music.

Bad Monkee and Fanta 4 also produced this goofy commercial featuring the group's members as old fogeys playing their own pinball game at a retirement home. Expect Fornika to hit the App Store on May 7th.