Fantasy/Sci-Fi illustrator community ArtOrder recently hosted a two-week D&D Pin-up Challenge, in which participants submitted paintings and drawing of Dungeons & Dragons lasses drawn up in the style of 20th century pin-ups.

Given the fantasy setting, artists were free to change from a number of Eberron and Forgotten Realms races for their pin-up models -- though Drow and Tiefling girls seem to dominate the submissions for some reason.

The challenge saw dozens of entries, and I've chosen several to share after the break. My favorites are definitely the ones that pay homage to more traditional pin-up pieces/artists/styles despite their non-human models (art above is by Mirana Reveier):

Andreas HÃ¥ndlykken:

Mathias Kollros:

Felicia Cano:

Federico Piatti:

Talon Dunning:

[Via Super Punch]