Dino Run, the addictive, sidescrolling Flash game in which you guide a velociraptor through a pixelart world that's going to hell as a pyroclastic wall chases the dinosaur, is headed to the iPhone thanks to PixelJAM Games (Mountain Maniac, Pizza City!) and Spiralstorm Games (Flyloop).

PixelJAM's Miles Tilmann says work on the project is progressing "slowly but steadily", according to a report from Slide To Play. He also explained that the iPhone edition is more than just a port: "[It's] a ground-up rewrite with a new physics engine and new levels. It's not a sequel, but more like a re-do."

He adds, "It's going to have most of the other levels and features of the original, plus some new stuff thrown in, just because we have the opportunity to improve it a bit. ... We have a lot of the engine worked out, but not a lot of the graphics just yet. Spiralstorm Studios are doing the actual code for the game, and we're providing graphics and design."

This sounds great! I just hope that PixelJAM and SpiralStorm keep the multiplayer mode and customization features of Dino Run, and add some new modes/features, too.

[Via Good Game Get]