The premise of K. Nelson's Made Up Video Game site is simple: just think of a game that doesn't exist, submit a title and subscription through this form, and if it's a neat enough concept, a mocked up box for the game will appear on the front page next Saturday.

MUVG already has several entertaining packaging designs based on submitted ideas like H.P. Lovecraft's Zany Mini Golf, Andrew Lloyd Webber's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: THE GAME, and Captain Crash's Race Wizard Battle. In a funny twist, at least one game idea and title featured on the site is actually under development: Rock of the Dead.

Most of the game descriptions are just as entertaining as the game covers:

"You play the part of a parent or guardian raising and training your child to be a spelling-bee world champion. The game contains little to no actual spelling, but a great deal of telling your son he will never be good enough.

Pit your daughter against her peers in the district championship! Have her wander the neighborhood, matching wits with strangers! Have your little one skip an entire weekend of sleep to run flash cards! It's like Pokemon... but with terrified human children!"

[Via @mudron]