Artist couple's Shy Custis and Coey Kuhn have produced an awfully adorable set of 3" stickers for a variety of video games: Bioshock (above), Left 4 Dead, The Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill, Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy XII, and Elebits. You're bound to like at least one series in that list enough to consider snatching up one of these cute packs.

While the packs are priced at around $4-$10 (depending on how many characters are in each pack), individual stickers are priced at $1 apiece, with a two sticker minimum order. I've included all of Custis and Kuhn's video game-related sets below. You can purchase one of the stickers on the couple's online shop.

Left 4 Dead

The Legend of Zelda

Silent Hill

Odin Sphere


Final Fantasy XII

[Via Super Punch]