So, there was this really offensive but well-executed pixelart music video that made the rounds a few months ago called "Trucker's Delight" created by Jérémie Périn and music group Flairs. The animated clip starred a truck driver named Jack in an 18-wheeler, as he drove around the desert getting into all kinds of mischief.

Mobigame, the developer behind much treasured iPhone puzzler Edge, has adapted the first part of that animation with its latest App Store release, Truckers Delight: Episode 1, an action game that has Jack chasing after "Alpha Chick", the Corvette driving girl featured in the music video.

Players control an 18-wheeler, honking its horn, dodging vehicles, and picking up power-ups while racing to catch up to "Alpha Chick". The $2.99 game also features a soundtrack provided by Flairs, the ability to share your score on Facebook and Twitter, and a chance to examine a “A COMPLETE LIFESTYLE!” and “A TRUE PHILOSOPHY!”.

Plus, it's a less NSFW way to enjoy the music video without actually watching all the vulgar and violent scenes.

[Via FingerGaming]