In not quite April Fools' Day news, yes, Wacky Packages is still around, and it has a new set of parody trading cards. According to comic book catalog Previews, this new set will have at least one spoof of a popular video game: Guitar Zero: World Loser.

Lame? Of course it is, but it's better than the company's past two video game parody attempts: Stupid Moron Bros. 2 and Tetanus: Computer Virus System (Tetris). It's less gross than the unreleased Wacky Hackers concepts, too!

Billed as a "Complete Bland Shame", Actifiction's Guitar Zero bundle includes four instrument controllers: a guitar with a broken neck, a trash can, men's underwear, and what look like a pair of hipster-ish eyeglasses. Time to put in an order for a box.

[Via GamerVision]