With all the attention his poster mock-ups of video game character torsos, artist Justin Russo decided to print real posters for fans to hang on their walls. After polling interested buyers on which designs they liked best, he picked three characters to print: Bioshock's Big Daddy, Uncharted's Nathan Drake, and Mario.

Russo hopes to have a local company in Chicago print 18"x24" versions of the artwork. Before he can start printing and sending those posters out, though, he want to raise $4,250 to cover the set-up, printing, and initial mailing costs for 150 copies of each design (450 posters total).

The artist added his project to donation-ware platform Kickstarter and has so far raised $3,120 pledges. If you send in $25, Russo will mail you a poster once they're printed. Donating $50 or $75 nets you two and three posters respectively, and contributing $125 or more earns you a limited edition 9"x12" version of the most popular poster.