Not to be confused with Mathew Kumar's excellent zine exp., EXP (in capital letters and without the period) is a video game art magazine from illustrator and designed Cory Schmitz, created for his Graphic Design BFA senior project at Seattle's Cornish College of the Arts. He offered this description of the project to .tiff:

"The purpose is to reject the idea that a video game magazine has to be be comprised of reviews and previews of the latest games. It hones in on the gap between game magazines and design magazines, embracing the relationship between video games and artists. A big focus of the magazine is the experience games provide, and how that is a great inspiration for creative people to draw from."

Along with artwork from friends like Maré Odomo, who created the brilliant Pokemon parody comics series "Letters to An Absent Father", EXP will feature interviews with VVVVVV's Terry Cavanagh, Scribblenauts's Jeff Luke, and more. I hear that Capy (Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Critter Crunch) founder and president Nathan Vella will also be contributing a piece.

Schmitz expects to have the magazines ready some time in May. He also hopes to sell 18"x24" screen-printed posters of his artwork for Killer7, Legend of Zelda, and Phoenix Wright. As for his the similarity of his project's name to Kumar's zine, he explains, "I saw [exp.] right after I made an order of EXP. stickers! I felt so dumb haha. I hope he doesn't hate me."