Former Maxis artist Shannon Galvin not only contributed an art resource pack to Jason Rohrer's two-player storytelling game Sleep Is Death; he produced this wonderful "Are We Home?" tale currently featured on the front page of Sleep Is Death's official site.

Galvin also created a slideshow tutorial for the game called "Worldbuilding 101", which explains how he came up with the art style and perspective he used for "Are We Home?" and his resource pack, and also shares some room building and shading tricks you can use with the game's editor to make rooms seem more three dimensional.

"I dunno if people will like it, but I figured that if I wanted people to be able to use the style I created, they could use some tips," he explains. "I should say the style of this is based on Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics (and its two sequels). I've been a fan of it since I saw a preview of the book in the back of a copy of Cerebus."