Similar to Tuna Technologies line of sketchbooks for handheld game developers, PixelPads offers a notebook with dimensions and a display based on a portable device, an iPad in this case, with a grid for a screen that you can draw your game/application ideas on.

Each of the pad's 64 sheets has a 9.7-inch (diagonal) mock-up display with a 10 pixel grid on one side, and a four-screen storyboard and four app icon thumbnails on the other. Every PixelPad order also includes a "refill" set of sheets, a Sharpie marker, a Pilot VBall pen, and a Bic Matic pencil to work with.

The PixelPads are available in several packs, priced from $24 to $99 (free shipping), with more expensive packs promising more sketchbooks, refills, writing utensils, and even a set of Crayloa markers. You can read more about the product and put in an order here.

[Via Technabob]