Releasing this Friday (though people who preordered received early access), Sleep Is Death is the latest release from indie developer Jason Rohrer (Passage), offering a turn-based, two-player storytelling experience in which one player commands the storytelling portion and the other plays inside that realm.

Ahead of Sleep Is Death's official release, two fans have launched SIDTube, a "one-stop portal" complementing the game with a matchmaking feature for pairing players, community areas for learning about the game from others (Wiki, IRC, forums), and even a section to upload game resource files (you can export game objects in Sleep Is Death).

SIDTube also offers a gallery where you can upload and rate flipbooks, slideshow versions of Sleep Is Death stories/playthroughs. Users have already uploaded dozens of flipbooks of varying quality -- if you want to get a better idea of the game's potential, this gallery is a great place to start!

[Via TIGForums]