Blamco, makers of delicious but radioactive Mac & Cheese, produced two commercials for its upcoming products: a board game adaptation of Scott "Spiritonin" Stoddard's magical Flash game Robot Unicorn Attack, and an official, rainbow-armed space suit designed after the Bit.Trip series's Commander Video.

If neither of those sound like products that anyone would buy -- even with the series's devoted fanbase, its hard to imagine anyone wearing the Bit.Trip space suit -- that's because Bytejacker invented both as parody spots to run as fake commercials in its weekly show.

Bytejacker is an online television series devoted to covering indie games and game culture. They're part of the Revision 3 family, which also includes other video game-related programs like CO-OP and The Game Show. You can watch the latest episode, which covers Brendon Chung's Flotilla, on the official Bytejacker site.