When Midway closed its coin-op division back in 2001, the company cancelled several arcade projects it had in development, one of which was RIP Squad: Raids Against the Reich, an on-rails shooter with a 360 view and a mounted gun designed to simulate a .50 caliber machine gun.

While the game was far from complete -- needing 12-14 more months of development -- and mostly unknown to the general public, Arcade Heroes was able to shoot some footage of the last surviving RIP Squad prototype and interview former Midway Chicago employee Scott Pikulski (now at Play Mechanix) about his work on the arcade game.

He explains the RIP Squad's premise: "You are a member of RIP Squad. This was a small team of elite soldiers [whose] mission was to infiltrate the enemy and carry out specific missions. The weapon of choice was the 50 .cal machine gun. RIP squad stood for relentless independent and proud, it also meant these guys were on the edge with one foot in the grave."

You can watch more videos of the cancelled project and read excerpts from an interview with Pikulski at Arcade Heroes's site.