Last month's gameplay theme for the Experimental Gameplay Project received a record 34 entries -- including Molleindustria's already-featured-here Run, Jesus Run -- each submission interpreting the constraint of "10 seconds" into a game.

Petri Purho, developer of 2008 IGF grand prize winner Crayon Physics Deluxe, posted a "silly little Flash game" for the theme titled Hero Programmer Quest. Its unusual premise:

"You’re a programmer at NVIDIA. You’ve just released a graphics card driver that is killing computers all over the world. In order to save the world from a death by exploding computers you have to fix bugs in your code as fast as you can. It’s the game that puts the dead in deadline."

All you need to do to advance in Hero Programmer Quest is click the line of code where you see a bug. It might be difficult to spot the faulty bits if you have no programming experience, but you didn't actually think you could be a hero programmer without knowing how to code, did you?