Indie game designer Mark "messhof" Essen (Cream Wolf, Flywrench) last night revealed this trailer for Raging Hadron, a new two-player competitive game that "combines swashbuckling swordplay with 8-bit psychedelia".

The NYU Game Center commissioned Raging Hadron and will show it off, along with three other titles, at No Quarter, an upcoming exhibit featuring games that look to "explore the possibilities for social play in real-world environments" and "imagine a new arcade that generates complex, surprising, and playful interactions in the public setting of a gallery space".

No Quarter will kick off on May 6th with an opening reception, where attendees can play the commissioned games and meet their creators (and also partake in food/wine). The NYU Game center will leave the games on display in its Game Center lobby until June 4th.

Other projects to be featured at the exhibit include Deep Sea, an audio-only game about "the terrors of deep sea diving" by Robin Arnott; Recurse, a "manic game of twisting bodies, quick reactions, and physical feedback" by Matt Parker; and 16 tons, a four-player strategy and negotiation game by Eric Zimmerman and Nathalie Pozzi.

[Via @messhof]