I've mentioned my love of the Meggy Jr. here before -- Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories's fully programmable video game handheld kit featuring an 8x8 RGB LED matrix display -- championing hobbyist projects like Super Monkey Kong and Darius Kazemi's sequence synthesizer.

EMSL's Chris Brookfield created a new game for the open-source portable, Revenge of the Cherry Tomatoes, a sequel to the Meggy Jr.'s built-in game Attack of the Cherry Tomatoes (not to be confused with the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes games). As you'll see in the video demonstration below, it plays like a pretty wicked horizontal-scrolling shoot'em up, complete with a power-up system.

Though EMSL created this fancy retro-style packaging for the game, you can download Revenge of the Cherry Tomatoes for free as one of the example programs in the Meggy Jr's v1.4 library. Of course, you'll need to purchase a system kit to play it, which will set you back around $75-$95.

[Via EMSL]