One last Mega64 video from this year's Game Developers Conference! (If you haven't yet seen them, make sure to watch the previous three GDC clips we featured of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Indie Man, and Beatles: Rock Band.)

In this video shown during the Independent Games Festival awards shows, the comedy skit group created several movie trailers for 2010 IGF finalists like Shank, Limbo, Star Guard, A Slow Year, and Rocketbirds: Revolution! Enviro-Bear 2000 even stars Zach Braff and features a soundtrack that will change your life.

Most of the videos have more to do with the game titles than the gameplay themselves, but they're still great. Also, while I know these trailers for experimental, low budget films are meant to be jokes, they all look way less boring to watch than the upcoming Prince of Persia movie!