London-based developer Mediatonic, which made that awesome Sonic The Hedgehog Level Creator featured here months ago, debuted this new trailer for its first PSP minis game, Mediatonic's Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!, a humorous "upwards-scrolling platformer":

"The player takes control of a massively powerful (and slightly unhinged) aristocratic demon known only as “The Duke” who is woken up by the sound of his princess being stolen from her heavily barricaded room in his castle.

Without a single clue to go on, he can only assume that monsters were (probably) responsible, and sets out to track down his missing princess by beating up monsters largely at random in the hope that it will (somehow) reunite him with his beloved princess."

The game features 24 levels divided into six different worlds. In those stages, you chase after a monster and knock into him three times to subdue him. Each platform you land on with your hero increases his speed and power, enabling him to unleash "over-the-top finishing moves".

"Our goal was to create a game that was accessible and fun, supported by a story and characters that make you laugh - or at least crack a grin," says Writer and designer Jim Griffiths. "So we've worked really hard to cram as much humour and attention to detail as we could into every aspect of Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!, and now we're very much hoping this effort translates into something players will really appreciate and enjoy!”

Mediatonic will release Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! as a PSP and PS3 download through the PlayStation Network service on April 22nd. The developed notes that the game is sized at exactly 100MB, making it one of the largest games to date on the Minis platform.

I really hope the soundtrack is like the Castlevania-ish music in this trailer! Also, I expect all of the monster names to be just as creative as "Evil King Skull-For-A-Butt".