Though you'd never guess it from their intimidating size and heavy firepower, mechas (and their pilots) aren't always so serious and sometimes like to blow off steam like the rest of us, chillin' out with buds, shooting volleys of missiles just to see where they fly, and fist pumping to some dance music.

A Japanese group of Armored Core: For Answer players shot 18 hours of footage to produce this video of mechas just kickin' it, showing off formation flybys, missile tornadoes, smoke trails, and other fireworks. It's an impressive performance, and as Mecha Damashii points out, it "shows how versatile and functionally thorough the game is".

The music in the video, in case you're interested, is "Starry Sky" by MK and R.Cena. You can listen to the full track (and host your own mecha dance party with all the Gundam kits on your desk) at this Youtube video -- the striped pantsu-filled image is a little NSFW, though.

[Via NicoVideo]