Fans of both Street Fighter and popular Japanese manga/anime series Lucky Star can finally see their two loves combined in figure form with a new set of chibi Nendoroid toys for the comedy franchise, releasing this August courtesy of Good Smile Company (preorders already open at some import shops)

The set comes with four prepainted figures of the show's cast, each around 2-3 inches tall and represented with a Street Fighter outfit: Konata Izumi as Guile, Kagami Hiiragi as Ryu, Tsukasa Hiiragi as Ken, and Miyuki Takara Crimson Viper. All of the figures have some points of articulation that allow you to post them in special moves (e.g. Flash Kick, Dragon Punch)!

This might seem like a strange mix of brands to people unfamiliar with the show, but Lucky Star has a history with the fighting game. After the break, you can see an excerpt from the show about how two of the program's characters met, with a special cameo from a Street Fighter "foreigner":

[Via GamerTell]