I can name at least half a dozen things UFO Interactive is doing wrong with Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo's Wii boxart alone (see after the break), but at least the bargain bin publisher put together a neat trailer for the vertical scrolling shoot'em-up.

As far as I can tell, the actual game, which is a port of an arcade title released by Karous and Radio Allergy developer Milestone, doesn't feature any paper-based ships or stages, but that makes it extra cool that UFO Interactive went through the trouble of producing this clip.

The strange title, Ilvelo, seems like an unneeded shortening of the game's Japanese name (Illvelo), making it even harder for Milestone's handful of fans to search for more information on the upcoming U.S. release. Unfortunately, UFO Interactive didn't use its full title, Illmatic Envelope, which sounds like a tight shoot'em-up/rap album hybrid.

Paired with the right boxart, gamers browsing their local shop's shelves wouldn't be able to resist buying something called Illmatic Envelope. Instead, they'll see this strange cover which doesn't look like shoot'em up at all: