Daniel Remar, creator of beloved indie platformer/shooter Iji, posted this new trailer for Hero Core, a sequel to his 2005 black-and-white adventure shooter Hero. The nonlinear setup and ability to warp to save points scattered around the map suggest a Metroidvania-style experience; the clip even features a Metroid-esque boss at the beginning!

Setting Hero Core's release for PC at May 1st, Remar offers this game synopsis:

"Flip Hero returns for the final battle against his nemesis, Cruiser Tetron - but can he really stop the reign of the machine warlord for all time? Like the first game, the graphics are black and white, the controls are simple and the gameplay is easy to learn. The nonlinear game world allows you to tackle the boss machines in nearly any order, or head straight for Tetron's headquarters if you're skilled enough.

The 'Normal' difficulty is about as tough as the first Hero, while 'Hard' features a different game world and enemy patterns that will tax even the veterans, with greater challenges in store for those who complete the game. You can also turn off the map, if you want to draw your own, and the optional language "Retro" mimics the interesting English translations of older games."

Chiptune artist Brother Android provided the music for Hero Core's soundtrack and this trailer. If you played Christine Love's Digital: A Love Story (which you should), you'll already know one of his beautiful songs, "The Stars Come Out". You can listen to more of his music at 8bitcollective.

[Via @ChevyRay]