Nearly a year has passed since we've heard anything new about Feist, that other mysterious and silhouette-based platformer that seemingly disappeared despite the hype around it, but developers Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz have brought the game out of hiding with a new trailer to show off their progress.

For those of you who've already forgotten the game, Feist was a Student Showcase winner and a Main Competition finalist for the "Excellence in Visual Arts" at the 2009 Independent Games Festival. Though the project was far from finished and only offered a few playable levels, it also managed to pick up the grand prize at the 2008 Unity Awards.

"About two years ago, we’ve set out to journey the forests of FEIST and we’re still making our way through the underbrush," the duo posted on Feist's blog. "The way we’ve traveled has been long and there has been a lot we’ve learned and many interesting forest people we’ve encountered on the way. But we’re not yet satisfied, it’s not yet time to return home and call it a day."

"The forest still harbors secrets we’ve not yet dared to touch and therefore we ask all of you to give us some more of your patience as we venture even deeper into the parts where the trees stand so close they almost touch and the light of the sun never reaches their roots."

[Via @brandonnn]