Francesco Cottone has posted Akihabara, a set of libraries, tools, and presets designed to create "pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games" in Javascript that will run in a wide range of browsers without requiring the Flash plugin. To accomplish this, it uses a small subset of HTML5 features.

He says he created Akihabara with fast game developing/prototyping in mind, and while the developer admits the engine isn't refined, its Javascript setup enables games to run the same on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone/iPod Touch, Android devices, and the iPad.

Cottone has posted five playable demos built on Akihabara, which include a platformer, a shoot'em up, a Tetris clone, an action RPG, and a Pac-Man clone. You can play those and find out more about Akihabara's modules here.

[Via TCTD]