Indie developer Honeyslug posted Poto & Cabenga, one of six projects featured at the Gamma IV showcase last month, online for gamers to play for free. Presented with attractive and colorful graphics by illustrator Richard Hogg, it's a platformer that has you controlling two different characters' movements with just one button.

That might sound like an odd control setup, but Poto & Cabenga helps acclimate you to the idea by letting you control just Cabenga, a horse-like creature, first; holding down the spacebar makes it dash, then letting go makes it jump over obstacles. Eventually, a dragon will swoop down and gulp Cabenga's rider, Poto.

With Poto inside the dragon's belly, you'll still control Cabenga with the spacebar, but now you're also guiding his master; Poto dashes when you don't touch the spacebar, and then jumps immediately when you push it. While it sounds like a lot to juggle, you'll pick it up quick. You can play Poto & Cabenga at Honeyslug's site.