New York City's indie games arcade Babycastles, whose opening we covered in our Blip Fest 2009 report last December, is throwing another must-attend event for indie gaming/chiptimes enthusiasts this Saturday with developer talks, playable games, and musical performances.

Ramiro Corbetta, lead designer at NYC-based developer Powerhead, will deliver a talk about DSiWare gem Glow Artisan, which you might remember won the Best Mobile Game Design award at this year's Independent Games Festival. Even after taking home that prize, this puzzler still isn't receiving the attention it deserves, so download a copy of it for your DSi and make plans to congratulate Corbetta on creating such a sweet game!

GameSetWatch contributor and ex-Ubisoft Matthew "Fort90" Hawkins is scheduled to give a presentation and will bring copies of Fort90Zine #3, the latest issue of his video games zine with a foreword by Life Meter's Dave Roman, a pin-up by Hilary Florido, an article about an odd non-game import from yours truly, and more. Hawkins is also bringing his classic and very NSFW game JizzMoppa for attendees to play.

Mark Denardo of Pixeljam (Mountain Maniac, Pizza City) will discuss his audio work on Adult Swim's Cream Wolf, a game that "explores the Pac-Man-like reality of being a pedophilic, ice cream truck driving werewolf." You'll be able to play Cream Wolf at Babycastles, too, whilst listening to Denardo and his chip music group Graffiti Monsters perform.

Other Babycastles highlights you can look forward to: a performance by "cyclops-sorta suited video game lecturer" Blue Leader and a "secret extra game" you can check out. I hear Gamasutra's Leigh Alexander might attend, too, so if you see her in the crowd, you can bug Leigh about bringing back her Aberrant Gamer column so we can fill our pages with more articles about h-games.

If you're wondering where to find this mystical indie games arcade, it's at the Silent Barn in Ridgewood (Queens), where it's open four to five nights a week and during the afternoon on Sundays. Babycastles throws a party for new games every month, offering fresh fruit smoothies, game developer talks, and opportunities to play indie games. You can RSVP for this weekend's event here.

[Via NYU Game Center]